i'm having trouble with my ask box? I want to put it as one of my links but i don't know how ):

like any other regular page you have. press the button next to show a link to this page

if your theme doesn’t support it then you have to put the link somewhere else like in your description or into your theme code


for the ask link, how do i get it to show up on my blog?

press the ‘show a link to this page’ button thing on the ‘edit page’ page



thank u i love my fans


hey, where did you get your CR tote from? xx

country road (y)


dear a pocketful, I made every step of the (How to add an ask box to your FAQ page / How to make a custom ask page.) just how you explained it but it still didn't work. what should I do?

if when you c&p the code, it says something along the lines of ‘there’s nothing here’, make sure your ask box is enabled and you typed your url properly

if you’ve saved the page but when you go on it it says not found, then just wait for a bit ooor create a normal page without the ask box first and see if it works fine, then add it in.


Swaggi :-----------)))))))))))))

i could take u i no where u live


Who the fuk r u lol ew bro

u wanna go


Do you sell souls, as well as buy them?

yes i’m aiming to start a large soul trading network


What does the $5.00 on the top mean?

how much i’m buying your souls for


omg thank you sososoo much for the fask code ive tried millions of them and they never worked and this one worked

no problem :)


How do I add a page with links to a guide. For instance 'Click on a page titled 'Guide' then you see the link you wanted to click on (lets call the link How to look good on a plane) and it comes up with a page with the guide on. How do I do that? x

Just make a regular page and call it what you like, Guides, or something. And then all you have to do is just make a list with the titles of the links you want, like How to look good on a plane. Highlight it and press the insert link button (next to the strikethrough, italic and bold button) and paste the link of the page with the guide, whether that page be a text post or another page.


How do you go about promoting your Tumblr?

i don’t, and tbh i don’t know how people even find my tumblr