how did you make rainbow font when hovered?

aw yiss go here it has the code that you need to add to ur theme html


I was wondering what theme you were using; not the link to the theme maker but the actual theme itself. :)

blandiloquent by xantheose

its p different but i saw someone with a rly similar theme to mine so that exists somewhere


If you don't mind me asking, your name its seems like an arab name, is it?



just watched your 'hey' link. crying and laughing for the rest of time.

oh yeh haha i forgot about that!


How do I create a page, but not have the link showing on my tumblr blog, is it possible?

yeah just make sure you dont press the button next to ‘show a link to this page’


your tutorial for ask box was so helpful thank you so so much I'm so happy now

good to have helped :)


i'm having trouble with my ask box? I want to put it as one of my links but i don't know how ):

like any other regular page you have. press the button next to show a link to this page

if your theme doesn’t support it then you have to put the link somewhere else like in your description or into your theme code


for the ask link, how do i get it to show up on my blog?

press the ‘show a link to this page’ button thing on the ‘edit page’ page



thank u i love my fans


hey, where did you get your CR tote from? xx

country road (y)


dear a pocketful, I made every step of the (How to add an ask box to your FAQ page / How to make a custom ask page.) just how you explained it but it still didn't work. what should I do?

if when you c&p the code, it says something along the lines of ‘there’s nothing here’, make sure your ask box is enabled and you typed your url properly

if you’ve saved the page but when you go on it it says not found, then just wait for a bit ooor create a normal page without the ask box first and see if it works fine, then add it in.


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